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Backgammon tournaments

Playing in a backgammon tournament is a unique pleasure. In this section, you will discover how to play in an online backgammon tournament and find out about the different types of tournaments available on the internet.

How do I take part in an online backgammon tournament?

To take part in an online backgammon tournament, you have to pay an entry fee (also called a Buy-in). The sum of the participants’ entry fees constitutes the tournament prize money. The more participants there are, the higher the prize money will be. The best players in the tournament split this prize money.

We advise beginners to take their first steps in tournament backgammon for free via “Freerolls”. “Freerolls” are online backgammon tournaments which are free to enter. You don’t pay the Buy-in and the backgammon site pays the tournament prize money!

Different types of backgammon tournaments

Backgammon tournaments

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