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A game of strategy, bluff and chance, Backgammon is both traditional and modern. Like poker, you can play this exciting game on the internet. With Gammon Expert, you’ll learn everything you need to know about backgammon: its rules, online backgammon websites, tips and specific strategies for internet backgammon!


Backgammon Strategy

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5 steps to winning at backgammon :

1. Discover online backgammon and its rules

Just starting out? Discover the rules of Backgammon before taking your first steps.

2. Download free backgammon software

Familiarise yourself with online backgammon without taking any risks.

3. Discover our tips and strategies

Make progress by following our exclusive strategies.

4. Play for Real Money

Once you have mastered the technique and the basics of the game, step up to real backgammon!

5. Participate in and win the major tournaments.

Playing in a backgammon tournament is a unique pleasure. Discover how to take part in an online backgammon tournament.

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